BeePro Results

R1: BeePro Curriculum including State of the Art 

This result will be a comprehensive one. It will include a summary report on the situation in beekeeping in all partners countries- State of the Art, Methodology for course package development and the BeePro Curriculum itself.

State of the Art

The SoA transnational report consists of national reports from all partner countries on local beekeeping situation related to the topic of the project. This transnational report contains key information about the current threats, needs, abnormalities in the agriculture in relation to bees in all partner countries as well as in Europe. It consists of 2 main parts: PART 1: DESK RESEARCH and PART 2: ONLINE SURVEY. The findings of this report serve as a basis for the elaboration of other project results, in particular the Beepro Curicullum, the Virtual Learning Environment with Training Content and the BeePro Handbook. 

Beepro Curriculum

Another part of R1 will be curriculum of the BeePro project. The BeePro Curriculum will play crucial role from the pedagogical point of view, this document will specify all aspects related to competences, content, timing, EQF demand and also learning outcomes which will be obtained by the learner. The curriculum will be also the base for the elaboration of the training content in R2.

Methodology for course package development

As a third part of the R1 will be prepared Methodology for course package development. This document will be the base for all project activities and it will play role of a handbook for all consortium partners during imlementation of the project. This document will be intended for project consortium and will be available in English only.   

R2: Virtual Learning Environment with Training Content

The Virtual learning environment will be the main tool for delivery of the training content. Both the Virtual learning environment platform and training content, which will be developed within this output, will be evaluated during pilot testing activity.

R3: BeePro Handbook

Last result will be R3: BeePro Handbook; The previously developed training content, adapted after the Pilot testing phase, will form main part of the BeePro handbook. It will also contain additional parts- case studies/practical examples. 

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